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    Steve Lombardo, the president and CEO of the Lombardo Consulting Group, is a regular contributor at Pollster.com. His weekly email update, the LCG Election Monitor, is well known to political journalists and insiders as a source of straight-shooting analysis of political poll trends. The LCG monitor is now also be published every week on Pollster.com.


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    November 17, 2008

    "Lombardo, looking at the election from a Republican perspective, opens his memo with words of semi-comfort for his fellow partisans: 'The Obama win was neither as big as some Democrats and members of the media have made it out to be nor as small as some of the GOP faithful would like to think.' Obama got 52.7 percent of the popular vote, the best showing for a Democrat since LBJ in 1964 and the first majority since Jimmy Carter in 1976. But it doesn't compare to the Reagan landslide of 1984."











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