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The LCG Election Monitors for the 2008 election cycle can be found at our new home on







Election Monitor Archives

11-06-2006 ::LCG Election Monitor: 1 Day to Go and And the GOP Surge Might Be Too Little Too Late::

10-23-2006 ::15 Days To Go and Democrats Continue to Frame the Debate::

10-16-2006 ::22 Days to Go and Things Look A Lot Like Last Week::

10-10-2006 ::25 Days to go and a GOP Free Fall::

10-03-2006 ::35 Days to go and It's a Potential Nightmare for Republicans::

09-25-2006 ::45 Days to go and It Is A Horserace::

06-29-2006 ::Bush Rebound::

04-12-2006 ::If the Election Was Held Today::

12-22-2005 ::Bad Year for Bush::

10-20-2005 ::Things are bad for the President and the GOP...::

06-10-2005 ::Bush, Approval Ratings, Generic Congressional Ballot::

11-12-2004 ::Why Bush Won::

11-01-2004 ::Final Projection -- Bush Win::

Election 2004 Cover Letter Archive (March-November, 2004)

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