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eInfoFlow, LCG’s “Enhanced and Electronic Information Flow” is about conducting regular survey research with key audiences designed to evaluate the flow of news and information and its influence on perceptions of corporate reputation. 


We seek to measure the amount and content of the news and information that the public is receiving and how it impacts the way they feel – their attitudes and perceptions.


eInfoFlow measures the journey that a news story takes from public dissemination to public consumption to debate and dialogue and finally the impact on an attitude that someone possesses.  


The best way for corporations and other entities to manage their reputation is to track public perception changes based on the exposure and acceptance of new information.  


How do we do this?  By asking people what they are reading, hearing and seeing, the type of information, the source of the information, the feeling they have based on the information and the potential attitudinal and behavioral changes based on the information. 






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