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The Perception Analyzer™



The LCG/Communications Analytics group uses state-of-the-art Perception Analyzer™ dial technology to help clients identify the most credible, informative, effective and provocative communications messages.

The Perception Analyzer™ is an interactive group testing system that bridges the gap between quantitative and qualitative research methods. The Perception Analyzer™ is an advanced data collection and analysis tool that combines the exploratory freedom, the depth of analysis and the immediacy of interactive group research with the precision of survey research methodology. Using the Perception Analyzer, we can determine whether an advertisement or other form of communication is hitting its mark and is ready for production, needs some retooling or needs to be shelved altogether.


The "Turbo-Charged" Focus Group - How it works:

  • We convene a group of participants (customers, potential customers, voters, thought leaders, etc.). The size of the group can range from 10 to 400. The higher the number of total participants the more we can bridge to a "quantitative" design and study.Respondents use the dial to react to test materials (brochures, messages, print ads, television commercials).Scale question - results screen
  • The hand-held unit is simple to use. Participants can react to test materials without turning their attention away. They just turn the dial to the left or the right. Therefore, participants can privately respond without the influence of other participants. They can do so regardless of their ability to articulate their perceptions and reactions.
  • The responses are processed instantaneously on system hardware loaded on a personal computer. The "quantitative" results can be combined with traditional focus group discussion, creating a "turbo-charged" focus group.
  • Portable and wireless, the Perception Analyzer™ systems can be configured quickly and easily for mall intercepts, focus groups and theater sessions from 30 to 400 participants. The data is processed and graphically displayed as it’s collected, providing you with unparalleled control and flexibility during a session.

Fast Turnaround and Accurate Data


Moment-To-Moment overlay in politics When it comes to trying to evaluate physical stimuli - hearing or seeing radio/television commercials or television programs, watching speeches, or tasting, smelling or touching products - the Perception Analyzer™ is the fastest, most accurate means of data collection. The data from several groups can be combined and cross-tabulated, allowing sophisticated demographic and attitudinal analysis of the ratings and reactions to the materials.

The difficulty with some focus group discussions is that people are often hesitant to say how they really feel. With the Perception Analyzer™, however, respondents provide their opinions privately, and therefore don't feel compelled to give "politically correct" answers to sensitive issues.





Proven Experience


The principals of LCG/Communications Analytics have more than 15 years of experience using this system. The Perception Analyzer™ was developed by Columbia Information Systems and licensed to Communications Analytics for our specific client needs. In more than 3,500 dial-test sessions, the Perception Analyzer™ has demonstrated its superiority over other traditional research alternatives.


Advantages and Applications

  • Easy-to-use and understandable with projectable results
  • Instantaneous results
  • Less-biased results
  • Proven experience
Options for data collection:
  • Categorical: Best when participants are given a choice of answers to collect demographic, attitudinal, product use and pricing data.
  • Continuous: Best to measure opinions or attitudes on a 0 to 100 scale.
  • Trade-off: Best when trying to ascertain reactions to multiple alternatives of paired sets.Moment-To-Moment overlay Helps assess positioning of statements, product features, brand names, candidate qualities, etc.
  • Moment-by-Moment: Allows for real-time analysis of audio or video.







Product and service evaluation:

  • Real-time, interactive conjoint analysis of attribute or feature preferences.
  • Product pricing/feature/packaging trade-offs.
  • Quantitative analysis of the results by demographic, socio-graphic or attitudinal characteristics.


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